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4 Things You Should Know About Purdue's Online MBA Program

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To Lake sydneyMarch 1, 2022 15:42

As seen in January 2022, Purdue Pete will liven up the crowd during a college basketball match between Ohio State Buckeyes and Purdue Boilermakers. (Photo courtesy of Michael Allio—Icon Sportswire / Getty Images)

Over the past few years, higher education institutions have steadily increased their online services. This grew only during the COVID-19 pandemic, where professionals and students were forced to work from home. In fact, Fortune’s best online MBA program rankings include over 100 schools.

Purdue University, luck When we launched our online MBA program in January 2020, we were ranked as one of the best business schools in the United States. Purdue’s online MBA program, hosted by the Krannert School of Management, is smaller than the others, about 225. Currently enrolled students.

“Our program is small, so students can get more attention,” said Dilip Chhajed, Vice Dean of Online Programs and Strategic Innovation at Krannert. luck. However, MBA students are allowed to take classes outside the program, so they can network with students from other Purdue master’s programs and even earn two degrees at a time. .. “The world of students who can build networks is wide,” he adds.

Purdue is not the only school that recently added an online MBA option. University of California, Berkeley, luck Was ranked as the 12th largest program in the country, and in August 2021 announced the Flex MBA Program, which offers courses both online and on campus, and Howard University (30th) with the Online Part-Time MBA Program. The Executive MBA Program has started online. Overall, 30% of online MBA programs reported an increase in the number of applications for the Graduate Management Admission Council in 2021. Application trend survey..

With so many online MBA programs to choose from, what makes Purdue’s online MBA program stand out?

1. The program focuses on STEM

Purdue has set out to focus the MBA on “ideal technology and innovation for students with a STEM background or for students seeking career change opportunities in high-tech companies.” Official announcement of the program.

According to Chhajed, many students (about 50%) participate in Purdue’s online MBA program with a background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). These students tend to participate in the program in two ways. One is to use it as an opportunity to strengthen your STEM skills and increase your chances of demonstrating leadership in your current job. Or, he adds, he is drawn to additional business-focused electives to enhance those skills.

“Sure, we are looking for different students,” says Chhajed. “Therefore, this program may be very attractive to anyone with a STEM background, [plenty] Those who do not have a STEM background. “

Purdue’s online program has four disciplines and is primarily focused on STEM. Students can choose to specialize in business analysis. Innovation and commercialization of technology. Global supply chain management. Or leadership, negotiation, change management.

Purdue’s online MBA student, Jacqueline Kennedy, who launched the program in January 2021, received a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Purdue in December 2020. So her STEM focus was fascinating to her watching her online MBA program.

“For those with a STEM background, it’s nice to see that the program also has strong STEM roots,” she says. luck..

2. 100% remote

Some online MBA programs require students to visit the campus, but Purdue does not. Purdue’s 100% online MBA program allows students to live and learn from where they are. This is another reason Kennedy liked this program.

Kennedy, who had just graduated from Purdue University, was ready to start working full-time. However, she always knew she wanted to get a degree in both engineering and business, so she chose to get an MBA shortly after her undergraduate degree and continue her education. Kennedy was not obliged to come to campus and she was able to start working as a verification engineer at a pharmaceutical company in Bloomington, Indiana.

“I was able to talk to Purdue University and prove to the government that I was competent, motivated, and diligent. It was the administration that really attracted me,” says Kennedy. “Even though I knew I was a rare candidate, they were all very kind and welcoming.”

According to Chhajed, Purdue’s online MBA students have an average of about 6-7 years of work experience and a fairly “limited number” of young students.

Purdue’s program is completely online, but Chhajed says the school hopes to eventually offer a residential program that allows students to visit the campus, but due to challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They were late. The school is also working on scheduling face-to-face networking events in major cities across the United States, he adds.

3. Classes are asynchronous

Purdue offers an online MBA course in asynchronous format. That is, all lectures are pre-recorded. At the beginning of each week, students have access to lectures that they can use to see and study at their own time.

However, all courses include live sessions twice a week for students who want to attend and discuss class materials. Live sessions may include group discussions and visits from guest speakers, says Chajed.

“Not everyone can attend these sync sessions, but that’s why they have an online MBA,” he says.

Kennedy usually sees the lecture first weekly and then completes the course reading and homework. She attends live sessions when she can.

“A flexible schedule allows us to focus on our current career and get the business background we want,” says Kennedy.

4. Considered a “highly engaged” program

Although the classes are 100% remote and asynchronous, Purdue is proud to have a highly engaged online MBA program. One way Purdue achieves this is to use a success coach to monitor the progress of online MBA students.

Success coaches monitor students to ensure they attend lectures, complete work, and participate in discussions. If the success coach finds that the student is late, he or she will contact the student to help them connect with the faculty and set up other accommodation.

Purdue wants to see this level of commitment and engagement from the beginning. Kennedy suggests showing that you are diligent and motivated during the application process.

“As long as your resume and application are sophisticated, interviews are a huge part of your application,” she says. “If someone is fine and has the purpose of carrying out the program, I think it will greatly help them in their chances of participation.”

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