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Only 55 people have graduated from EY's free MBA with Hult

Approximately two years after EY began offering a free online MBA to 312,000 employees, only 55 graduated from this program, according to the Big Four accounting firms. This represents less than 0.02% of EY’s worldwide workforce, who have actually graduated from Hult International Business School using an online bachelor’s degree program.

This number was disclosed in a news release announcing the new Master’s Program in Online Sustainability, which EY is currently launching in partnership with Hult.

According to the company, Hult’s Tech MBA program can be completed in as little as 18 months and up to 5-6 years. When announced in 2020, EY officials said they believe most employees will get a bachelor’s degree in three to four years.

The first cohort of eight graduates who earned an online degree last March

EY Digital Badge employees can attach a LinkedIn profile if they graduate from the free EY Hult MBA program.

Nonetheless, EY reported in March last year that the first group of students (8 in total) graduated with a virtual degree. Among the eight, there were only three employees from the United States. Allan Douglas, EY’s Warranty Division in Nashville, Dane Heilner, Boston-based Managing Director, who works in strategy and transactions, and Rohit Singh, who works in Warranty as part of EY’s client technology. Service line from Alpharetta, Georgia.

The newly reported number of 55 online MBA graduates may not clearly indicate the success or failure of the program.Trent Henry, Global Vice-Chair Rejected request for an interview with EY’s talent Poets & Quants.. EY spokesmen have not yet regained the number of employees taking Hult courses in the TechMBA program.

EY has launched a program to help recruit and retain employees. With a Master of Business Analysis, Tech MBA, and now a Master of Sustainability, launched last year, EY is the third program offered to employees through Hult.

According to the company, the average age of EY professionals is 28 years. This is the ideal age for many young professionals to quit their jobs to enroll in a full-time MBA program. Hult’s online MBA program costs a total of $ 39,800, but it’s unclear how much EY will pay Hult to each employee’s student. The Hult price tag is significantly higher than the $ 22,500 online MBA at the University of Illinois Guise Business or the $ 24,000 online MBA at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business.

It’s free, but has little true MBA experience

It’s no surprise that relatively few people are enrolled in an MBA (see Why EY’s Free Online MBA for Employees Is Not a Threat to Business Schools).

EY basically provides employees with a small part of the true MBA experience, and thus a small part of its true value. EY / Hult MBA students miss the most important element of a completely immersive MBA experience that is not included at all. The program is completely online and is open to employees only, so you will not be able to learn and interact with diverse groups of young professionals from all disciplines of different companies and industries.

One of the main benefits of the MBA program is connecting individuals who have worked at Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft with individuals who have worked at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and Walmart. .. The knowledge and insights students gain from classmates who bring experience from many of the world’s most admired and innovative companies are invaluable.

A new master’s degree in sustainability is also part of EY’s badge program

As long as an MBA degree conveys fame, its status is often a direct result of the brand. Hult International is not a carefully selected business school with an MBA ranked in the top 50 in the world. In fact, the school MBA is Financial Times It was last year’s annual ranking and was not ranked at all in FT’s latest 2022 ranking. Hult’s online MBA is not ranked by either Poets & Quants Also US News & World ReportThe latter ranks 328 virtual programs.

Similar to an online MBA degree, Hult’s Sustainability EY Master is built on the EY badge. This allows EY people to acquire digital credentials with future-focused skills and apply learning in action. To qualify, EY people need to complete eight EY badges covering sustainability-focused topics such as climate change, sustainable finance, and influential entrepreneurship. there is. You will also need to complete the selection of seven additional badges that span leadership, business, and technology topics.

To date, EY employees have won over 200,000 badges in a wide range of areas, from AI to robotic process automation, blockchain, diversity and inclusiveness, the company said.

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