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Powerhouse for MBA Career Placement

This fall, Tuck shared exciting news about the successful employment of graduates. For the second year in a row, Tuck Highest rate of accepted work Three months after graduating from a prestigious business school. specifically, 2021 class There was a job offer within 3 months after graduation.

As Executive Director of Tuck’s Career Services, I am often asked about how students can consistently match the opportunities they desire after graduation. There are many factors that help Tuck students achieve their own career orientation, including a personalized approach to career services and a well-known loyal alumni network. This highlights our approach to career services.

The size and caliber of our team.

Tuck is arguably the highest ratio of advisors to MBA students in our peer school. Our well-resourced team means that you can get to know the students and their career journeys intimately. Students are encouraged to drop in at our office, email us, and have a cup of coffee at any time. We know how important one-on-one career coaching time is for students who come to tack with a very unique career orientation.Beyond size, our Career advisors are industry experts Those who participate in tack with significant field experience in the industry they represent. Not only this, many of them are graduates themselves who are personally familiar with the tack recruitment and interview process.

Our alumni network is famous and faithful.

If you know anything about Tuck, our school is renowned for its loyal and proven network of graduates. Named the world’s most responsive alumni network, more than 10,000 graduates lead companies where students want to participate as post-tack professionals. Alumni’s dedication to a student’s career success manifests itself in a myriad of ways, from returning to campus to offering career recruitment events to simply picking up the phone and opening Network Rolodex to connect with the right people. .. Now that I have witnessed this altruism myself, as alum, and on the other side as a staff member, I can definitely say that Tuck’s pay-it-forward culture is very realistic.

We have a strong relationship with recruiters.

Close relationships with recruiters from small early-stage companies and start-ups that can actually influence, as well as well-known companies such as Google, Amazon, Bain, McKinsey, and Nike. Has been built.Overall, our recruiter network Over 1,000 companies— And the list is growing.

Our recruiters are looking forward to hearing from you. When recruiters, graduates, and visiting executives come to campus, they too immerse themselves in the tack community. They come in intentionally and because of our environment they spend a considerable amount of time with the students. (I’m not attending any other conference in the city!) Also, the significant increase in virtual connections allows you to access the network across continents and time zones without absent from class. It’s easier than ever.

You can build on your passion and customize your career path with tack.

Tuck boasts six centers focused on specific industries. Business, Government, Social Centers, Digital Strategy Centers, Entrepreneurship Centers, Healthcare Centers, Private Equity and Venture Capital Centers, and Energy Rivers Centers. , Sustainability and innovation. Beyond curriculum and collaborative curriculum opportunities, centers often work with career services to extend career support and provide resources to students’ specific areas of interest. An example would be connecting students and career mentors in a community of graduates and practitioners. In addition to the center, many students have focused on careers, hosting career chats, taking industry leaders to campus, providing networking opportunities, and helping students prepare for recruitment. I am using a student club.

“I want to hire a tacky.”

Finally, it’s not uncommon for our team to hear from recruiters, graduates, etc. that they especially want to hire Tuck MBA graduates. They are familiar with educational institutions and know the skills that Tuck graduates bring to the table. These are the kind of anecdotes I love to hear as a director of career services, and I think they speak to the quality and culture of our MBA program. Simply put The world’s top companies want to adopt a Tuck MBA..

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Stephen Pidgeon T’07, Executive Director of TuckCareer Services, joined Tuck from McKinsey in London in 2010 to focus on healthcare consulting specializing in organizational design features.He is the author of a best-selling book How to get a job in consulting When Case interviews for beginners.. Prior to joining Tuck, Stephen directed and produced several television series and films.