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Sponsor breaks ties with Colin Strickland after Moria Wilson's death

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Professional cyclist Colin Strickland lost multiple sponsors during an investigation into the Moria Wilson murder.

The 35-year-old Strickland became a central figure in the case after police accused his girlfriend and business partner, Caitlin Armstrong, of shooting Wilson in Austin, Texas on May 11. Police say he and Wilson pursued a romantic relationship in 2021 during a break in their relationship with Armstrong. Strickland also told police in December that he had purchased a 9mm pistol for Armstrong. Investigators believe it was used for the killing.

In response to these details, component brand Enve Composites, bike company Specialized, and apparel brand Rapha have all cut off their relationship with Strickland.

“We were scared to know about Moria Wilson’s death. As more details continue to be published in the media, we become more shocked and sad,” reads a statement from Enve Composites. “Details about her murder and her subsequent death are difficult to handle and, as an industry, we are in an unprecedented position. After discussing with Colin, we terminate the contract and partnership. We mutually agreed to do so. We hope that Moria’s family and the entire world of cycling will be healed in time. “

Another sponsor, Allied Cycle Works, keeps away from Strickland in the following comments: Velo News.

“Given the situation, Colin Strickland is not expected to represent the Allies in future races,” commented.

Specialized, which sponsored Strickland’s helmets, shoes, tires and mountain bikes, was the first brand to break his relationship. It issued a statement on Saturday, May 21st, breaking up with Strickland.

“He is no longer the brand’s sponsor athlete,” the statement said.

Rapha, a clothing sponsor of Strickland since January 2020, issued its latest statement on Tuesday.

“Like many, we’ve been following the news about the incredibly tragic death of gravel and mountain biking geniuses and prominent members of American cycling. community, Moria’Moh’Wilson. We are deeply sad Her meaningless death and we condolences to Mo’s family and friends. In light of recent events, we have mutually agreed to immediately terminate our partnership with Colin Strickland. “

In addition to offering apparel, Rapha offered Strickland a “sponsorship fee,” but the brand didn’t elaborate on that amount. Strickland’s contract with the brand was signed until the end of 2022.

Strickland is also sponsoring energy drink company Red Bull.

on Monday, VeloNews I contacted Red Bull and received the following email from the Senior Communication Manager: Thank you for reaching out. This is a matter of authority. The representative declined further comments. Another Strickland sponsor, The Meteor, a cafe in Austin, Texas, also refused to offer plans for a future relationship with Strickland. Meteor also sponsored Wilson.

Chris St. Peter, co-founder of The Meteor, said: VeloNews, “At this point, I have no other comments other than mourning Moe’s tragic death and deeply condolences to her family.”

An arrest warrant was issued to Armstrong on May 19, and the 34-year-old boy is currently on the run and is being searched by a US marshal.

In an affidavit and arrest warrant filed with the Travis County District Court on the same day, Strickland spoke in a voluntary interview about his relationship with both Armstrong and Wilson. She said she was with Wilson for several hours before her death on May 11, Strickland said.

The affidavit reveals that the two went swimming in Austin’s Deep Eddie Pool and then ate at Pool Burger. The affidavit states that Strickland dropped Wilson into her friend’s house and left without entering her house where she was staying.

A few minutes later, the car registered with Armstrong was pulled up. About an hour and a half later, Wilson’s friend returned home and found an 25-year-old shooting, the affidavit read.

Strickland told police he hadn’t seen Armstrong since May 13. He has not been charged with crime and has stated that he has fully cooperated with the authorities.Statement issued to Austin American Statesman On May 20, he said he felt “suffering from my proximity to this horrific crime.”